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HVAC/R Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to critical infrastructure, no one likes surprises. The best way to prevent surprises is to have ongoing preventative maintenance to keep your HVAC systems performing optimally for the life of the equipment and to replace outdated systems or components before they fail.

Contact SH Mechanical Inc. for a detailed evaluation of your current system. Although this is a time-intensive and detailed service, we do it at no cost to you, whether you are a new or an existing SH Mechanical customer.

If our technician finds that an equipment repair or replacement is imminent when performing a regular maintenance, SH Mechanical Inc. will provide a full evaluation and estimate in order for you to schedule and budget accordingly. In everything we do, we go above and beyond what is minimally-required in delivering this service. Rather than simply advising you of the next anticipated maintenance, repair or replacement, we will provide an evaluation that will also tell you:



  • Which systems or components are likely to fail or need maintenance?
  • An estimated cost of the replacement or maintenance.
  • When modernization of the system and/or component parts might provide cost-savings from factors including performance, the potential for repeated maintenance on an older system or component, and potential cost-savings through energy-usage and/or rebates.
  • When we believe that a repair of the existing system will be more cost-effective than a replacement, upgrade or modernization.
  • As early as possible, when we notice that a system may need extensive investment for replacement or repair. In this way, needed equipment can be budgeted well in advance of an anticipated system failure.

We provide this detailed report to you within a day of our site visit, again, at no cost to you! We go the extra mile to help our customers to manage costs, optimize HVAC system performance, schedule maintenance, avoid system failures and mobilize our teams quickly in response to emergencies. Because of this, we are proud to be part of our customers’ continued success.

If you’re not already a SH Mechanical Inc. customer, call us today and see what a difference it can make -both in the performance of your HVAC/R system and to your bottom line. Call us at 707-287-7982 and experience the difference with a company that always has the client’s interests at heart.

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